Every Italian who lives here in UK has noticed, at least once, the English celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on TV!

But why did Jamie Oliver become a star in food business promoting a new way of cooking and eating according to Italian habits? Why did he spread so vigorously Italian recipes over the past years? First of all, Jamie “Lasagne Ministry of Food”, as he has been called by  bloggers, encourages healthy eating habits against junk food, with a passion for Italian food, within the Mediterranean diet.

He has a past as pastry chef at Italian restaurant Antonio Carluccio’s, where he joined first the Italian cookery. What lies behind the Italian Food?

The concept is simple: a big variety of food, the finest ingredients in the world and many specialities that you can find only in the Bel Paese:  “Carciofo Romano”, “Capperi di Pantelleria”, “Limoni di Sorrento”,  “Cipolla di Tropea”, “Bresaola”, “Mozzarella di Bufala” and much more. So, the secret can be found in a typical Italian “cook mood” and in putting your heart and soul in what you do everyday, taking all the time you deserve for yourself, getting relaxed and doing something good for your body, just switching on your cooker!

English people seem to be glad to show off some knowledges about Italian food!

They understand that great food come from marvellous surroundings: Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Palermo, etc. because every place in Italy is different with thousand  regional ways of cooking the same recipes.

Jamie’s books and his six part travelogue series, “Jamie’s Great Italian Escape”, first broadcast on BBC and then all over the world about Italian food and cookery, strongly improved how people see Italian Food as an essential and big part of enjoying “La Dolce Vita” through simple and straightforward recipes not so overcomplicated!

English people felt in love with our concept of eating: not crossing the road as quick as possible, but enjoying a meal made up of a first course, a second course, a side, also fruit, why not dessert?? And obviously, coffee! It should last as long as it can, with a crowded talking and chatting reunion about memories! Italians believe in “a tavola non si invecchia”, a tipycal way to say for meaning “you don’t age while seated for a meal”!

Jamie understood that handing down recipes  is a family affair! It’s very important when grandmothers transmit  their own recipes to the next generations, food is quite near to the concept of identity.

Since you were born the “food culture”  is part of your DNA. Even manager-mums find the right time to cook as they can strongly increase their intimate life in the house. Every recipe has its “family secret”! If you would cook a tasty Carbonara, be aware of a “Montecchi & Capuleti”  fight on pepper and bacon chosen for that meal!

At least, Jamie Oliver takes the point:  food belongs to genetic endowment of Italians and for this reason most of Brits love it!

Buon appetito!

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Stefania Folino