Why learn a foreign language?

There are many different answers to this question: if you are wondering why learn a foreign language you will find many reasons to start a language journey, all equally important.

Everyone has a specific motivation to start studying a foreign language, which can be related to personal or work life. Either way, facing such a big challenge is a chance to learn something new and increase the opportunities to travel, meet new people, share ideas.

Let’s have a look at 5 great reasons to learn a language!

1 Travel

If you learn a language, travelling will never be the same. If you can communicate with locals your perception of the places you visit changes radically and your experience becomes really immersive. Speaking with people also means catching aspects of the culture and discovering local customs, which makes your journey special!

2 Boost your career

Adding new language skills to your CV is quite relevant nowadays: these kind of skills are very appreciated and can make the difference especially if you aim to work in an international company. Also, this can mean taking your career to the next level and, why not…get a promotion!

Discover the benefits of learning a foreign language to boost your career in finance!

3 Move to a new country and get the citizenship

Moving country without speaking the language can be really tough. This is why learning the language should be the first step to take if you have this plan as being able to communicate would make everything easier. And if you are married to someone from the country you are moving to, mastering the language is also crucial in order to apply for the citizenship…one more reason to start studying!

some reasons why learn a foreign language is important

4 Make new friends

Wherever you live, learning a new language will allow you to make new friends. Speaking with lovely people using their language can be a plus, especially if you live in a cosmopolitan city. This is valid when you travel as well: making friends in another country is amazing, a cross cultural friendship will enrich you as a person and give you the opportunity to discover a totally new world!

5 Keep your brain active

Learning a language is an exceptional exercise for the brain a constant training to keep it work and face new challenges. An enjoyable way to stay young and active while improving your skills and knowledge…definitely worth the effort!

So which language are you start learning?

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