How are you facing your winter lockdown?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are in the middle of the winter lockdown: staying at home after such a long time can be a bit upsetting, but actually there are many things to do!

Planning some activities at home is very important to enjoy your free time and take care of yourself and your beloved ones.

From amazing online events to virtual tours everywhere, you can find such a variety of things to do that you won’t have time to get bored!

things to do in Winter Lockdown

Here you have some nice ideas to do great things!

Museums. If you love discovering museums, the lockdown will give you even more opportunities: hundreds museums around the world offer virtual tours!

So you can go to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC and access different free tours, to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in Rome or to the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid from your sofa.

Historical sites. The pandemic is forcing us to stay at home and travelling is one of the things that we miss the most.

However, there are some amazing virtual tour to do: it’s not the same as flying somewhere, but it can be an incredible experience though!

For example, Heritagedaily offers 5 fantastic tours of the Giza Pyramid, Petra, Angkor, Taj Mahal and Venice: where are you heading to?

Theatre. Do you fancy a good show to watch from your cosy place? Andrew Lloyd Webber will entertain you on the Youtube channel The shows must go on!

Alternatively, if you love Shakespeare, try the Globe Player, where you will find a wide choice of shows to rent or buy.

Why don’t you start straight away? Have a look through and find something special to do !

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