Have you tried some Youtube channels for home workout?

Youtube channels for home workout are a great way to exercise at home during the lockdown.

As gyms are still closed, on top of some outdoor exercise people can benefit from different online tutorials.

Actually, training at home might be ideal for many people who don’t have time to go to the gym and prefer exercising comfortably in their house.

You can find quite a lot of options!

Taking some of the home workout challenges can be really good for physical and mental health.

Working from home for a long time without the opportunity to go out much has definitely been tough.

Therefore, keeping active and finding some regular activities is really essential to feel good.

Let’s see some of the best Youtube channels to try!

Body Project. If you are a completely beginner, this channel is what you need: start from the easiest trainings and move on!

POPSUGAR Fitness. A huge number of tutorials split in different categories, from beginner to very advanced trainings of different length.

You can start from a 15 minutes beginner workout and gradually challenge yourself!

Self. If you are quite advanced, try this playlist of cardio bodyweight workout tutorials. It’s challenging but really effective!

Yoga with Adriene. If you prefer doing some yoga at home, this channel offers different categories of tutorials to try depending on your needs and preferences.

Jeremy Ethier. Do you want to improve your strenght and grow your muscles?

This channel might be the perfect one for you, with specific home workout to try.

Do you follow other Youtube channels?

Let us know which ones you prefer!

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