Discover our outstanding deal with Yuri Yoga!

Yuri Yoga is a lovely project: Yuri is an accredited yoga teacher working in London who has developed her unique teaching style through her experience. Since 2009, Yuri teaches groups and private classes in South East London, mixing Hatha, Astanga and Vinyasa and offering pre and post-natal yoga as well.

Her aim is to help people improve their strength, flexibility and mental wellness: a good balance between body and mind, which is what yoga makes possible through a constant practice. Yuri is able to tailor lessons on students and on their needs, adapting her lovely sessions to abilities, age, specific requests.  This makes her classes really unique!

Have a look at her website if you want to read more!

Where can you have classes?

At present, you can choose online classes or you can arrange them with Yuri accordingly to your preference: at home, at her studios or at your work place! All these options are very convenient to have your individual session or plan some small group sessions with family, friends or colleagues.

discover yuri yoga in london

And finally our deal!

If you hold a Happy Languages member card you can contact Yuri via email and get 50% discount on all classes! A fantastic deal to help you save some money on what you love and practise more yoga!

We like spoiling our students with some nice deals, so have a look at this page to learn more and discover some lovely businesses around London. It’s always nice to try new restaurants, buy something good in shops and try new services that you enjoy!


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