At Happy Languages, we offer Italian language classes based in London. We also offer our Italian classes online via Zoom.

Italian Language classes based in LondonLearn Online

Can’t make it to our classes? No problem. We run a range of online classes you can access wherever you are in the world.

Italian Language classes based in LondonFace to Face Classes

Attend one of a range of classes where you’ll meet our professional tutors and interact with other students.

Talk with People at Events

We put on some fantastic events designed to get you trying out what you’ve learned, meeting other students and most of all having fun!

Popular Italian and Spanish Courses in London

We run a range of Italian Language courses both online and face to face groups. Choose from our popular courses below.


As well as for the Italian courses we offer a range of Spanish courses and lessons, both in the classroom (based in London) and online. Here are some of the most popular:

Why you should sign up for our Italian Language Classes

Apart from the glowing and verified five-star reviews below, our online Italian Language Classes based in London are a great way to improve yourself. That extra time in the evenings can be put to good use and you get to meet some interesting people. Our happy clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some want to apply for Italian citizenship, others want to achieve that lifelong goal to learn a new language while some just want to get ready for a trip to Italy where they can use their newfound skill to enjoy the culture, food and make new friends.

Our online Italian language classes are a convenient way to learn Italian in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you can get a decent internet connection. We use Zoom which is easy to use and widely available, works across different devices and multiple browsers.

Our Italian Language courses are affordable and make a great investment. An additional language is one way to make yourself more valuable at work and improve your employability. Why not sign up for one of our Italian courses today!

You can learn Italian by studying directly in the most beautiful cities in Italy, find out now.

Our language course offer includes many individual (one-to-one) lessons, discover them all now!

Happy Languages offers Italian and Spanish On Line classes for all levels. On line lessons are perfect if your busy schedule does not allow you to commit to a regular course.