Do you know how to order in a restaurant in Spanish?

Being able to order in a restaurant in Spanish is a great goal, especially if you want to travel to Spain soon.

If you know some phrases and the right vocabulary it won’t be too difficult!

Let’s watch this useful video tutorial to learn some expressions!



When you arrive at the restaurant, the first thing they will ask you is how many people are you with.

They could say:

¿Cuántos? –> How many people?

¿Mesa para cuántos? –> Table for how many?

Obviously we will answer with the number of people.

Once you are all seated they will ask you if you want a menu:

¿Desea ver el menú? –> Would you like to see the menu?

¿Quiere ver el menú? –> Would you like to see the menu?

After that, they will ask you what you would like to drink:

¿Para beber? –> To drink?

We can reply by saying:

Quiero una cerveza. –> I want a beer.

Or you can just say what you want, for example “Una cerveza“.

Remember that you can say “por favor“, which means “please”.

After a few minutes they will ask you if you already know what you want:

¿Sabe ya lo que quiere? –> Do you know what you would like?

Once we know what we want we can answer with something similar to:

De entrante quiero jamón y queso. –> To start I want ham and cheese.

De primero quiero una ensalada. –> As a main I want a salad.

De segundo quiero filete con patatas. –> As a second course I want a steak with potatoes.

De postre quiero un flan. –> As a desert I want a flan.

As you finish your meal they could ask you if you would like something else, for example if you want something to drink, like a coffee or liqueur:

¿Quiere algo de beber? –> Would you like anything else to drink?

¿Un café o licor? –> A coffee or a liqueur?

When you have finished you will ask the bill:

La cuenta, por favor. –> The bill please.

¿Puede traerme la cuenta, por favor? –> May I have the bill please?

So, are you ready to order in Spanish?

Watch more video tutorials following this link.