How to go shopping in Spanish?

Going shopping in Spanish is a huge goal.

This video tutorial is exactly what you need to go through some useful phrases!

When you go in a shop, the staff can ask:

¿Qué desea? –> What do you want?

¿Qué busca? –> What are you looking for?

We can reply or start the conversation using the following sentences:

Busco –> I look for

Necesito –> I need

Quiero –> I want

For example you can say:

Quiero un reloy –> I want a watch

Necesito una camiseta –> I need a t-shirt

Busco un vestido –> I look for a dress

If we want to ask for a size we should say:

Necesito una talla pequeña/mediana/grande –> I need a size small/medium/large

Also, the shop assistant can ask you what size you need:

Perdone, ¿qué talla necesita? –> Excuse me, what size do you need?

Or they could also say:

¿Qué talla busca? –> What size are you looking for?

You could also ask for the colour:

¿Tiene este vestido en otro color? –> Do you have this dress in another colour?

Or you could say:

¿Tiene otros colores? –> Do you have other colours?

If we want to ask for the price we have three different ways to do that:

¿Cuánto cuesta? –> How much is it?

¿Cuánto vale? –> How much is it?

¿Cuánto es? –> How much is it?

They will reply in different ways:

Cuesta 50 euros –> It is 50 euros

Vale 50 euros –> It is 50 euros

Es 50 euros –> It is 50 euros

If you are in a market you can also ask for a discount:

¿Tiene descuento? –> Do you have any discount?

¿Hay alguna rebaja? –> Is there any discount?

If you want to say that something is very expensive you can say:

Es muy caro –> It’s really expensive

If you want to say that something is very cheap you can say:

Es muy barato –> It’s really cheap

If you are happy with the price you can say:

Está bien –> It’s ok

If you are happy with the item you can say:

Lo quiero –> I want it

Me lo llevo –> I’ll take it

They will ask you how you want to pay:

¿Quiere pagar con efectivo o tarjeta? –> Do you want to pay with cash or card?

Now you are ready to go shopping!

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